Apple Announces Extraordinary discounts on iPhone 6

Apple Announces Extraordinary discounts on iPhone 6. Refurnished iPhone 6 and 6 plus will be sold out at very low price with one year warranty. Apple Announced their secret discount and Said that Consumers can buy Refurnished phone at very price to safe their money.

Apple has started selling iPhone 6 and 6s on their website by which consumers can buy online or can directly purchase it from Apple Store. Interesting thing is that the phones are refurnished and have one year warranty and also have all facilities which are in new iPhone . According to the website these phones are called as “Certified Refurnished Phone”. Apple Refurnished department was hidden from one year , but now Apple has announced the iPod ,iPad and iPhone at discounted prices. Earlier that consumers were only buying Apple Mac Laptop.

Most products are one or two generation old. But there is same warranty and there are all facilities of Apple Care. All products are 10 to 15% discounted but Apple Phone have extraordinary discounts. It’s purpose is to provide assistance to low income customers , so that they can buy Apple Product. Refurnished iPhone 6 Plus Rose Gold Colour price is Rs.60,000/- . While the Six Plus Silver Colour Phones price is around Rs.53,000/- . All Phones are unlocked and there isn’t any (Carrier) Phone Company Sim Card Present.



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