Photoshop CS6, and not Photoshop Creative Cloud. Its one of the bets software that animators mostly use and recommend. With its birth in the late 80s. Adobe Photoshop is quickly becomming older than most of the professional artist use it these days in the entertainment and digital art industries. While we were busy growing up and going around our no-nlinear paths in life, Photo-shop has spent a term of a century only moving forward. It’s improved and fulfilled itself so that it can provide every possible solution problem. But you know what happens when your software gets close to ideal? We might no need the next version of it. in 2014 the vast majority of artists will need to know and use Photo-shop, but do not make any online list including this one bully you into thinking you’re hurting your career by no using hundreds of extra dollars on the newest release of software instead of using a slightly outdated version. Photoshop is essential.


Autodesk’s 3Ds Max doesn’t do in the 3D industry, and its an incredibly expensive program that only does that one thing and nothing else, and if you wait a few more years, Autodesk will probably buy the company who done it. It’s not even that it’s a mono-poly. it is just that it is unstoppable. Usually destop computer hardware improves and animation softwares efforts to catch up, but for almost two decades 3ds Max has been a pioneer program that is tested what every destop computer on the planet was capable of achieving, and then pushed future technologies to do the imposible tasks of yesterday. When your program is limited by by the tech industry’s top hardware, YOU KNOW YOU HAVE FOUND AN ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL PIECE OF SOFTWARE THAT YOU WILL BE USING FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AS A 3D artist.



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